Batik Sarang Madu

    Batik Sarang Madu is batik factory established in 1989. We are batik manufacturer that focusing on produce batik fabric products, painting, printing, tie dye and dyeing based in Bali, Indonesia.

    We produce products based on their own designs or those supplied by customers. Currently, we've made our products based on orders from several countries such as United States, Germany , Italy,  Netherlands, France and etc.

    To meet market demand for the products, we have good teamwork with their own specific area of expertise. Many of them are talented and well-trained artisans.

    Order in Batik Sarang Madu is very easy just direct from this website just fulfill order form or come to our factory.

    Our Factory is located in Jalan Raya Sesetan  Gang Setra Dalem 2 Denpasar, Bali - Indonesia.

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    Batik Stamp

    We provides one Batik Process, Double Process and Triple Process, with different unique design and Motif Batik. We supply Batik with stamp tool and batik canting use material quality 1 or 2, depend on our customer demand. Our Coloring process pays attention to fabric condition, quality batik color material and batik pattern.

    Batik Cracking

    This creative batik process with special technique by the way of lapping wax (malam) until crack after fabric in stamp or canting. Thereafter hence given coloration, so that color will step into in between barst wax and will form unique motif. This Batik process called as Batik Cracking.


    We have table for printing to 50 meters once process with skillful labour to do hand printing and can process until using more than 5 kinds of screen. Our screen are made by paying attention to quality so that non movable color everywhere and before using it we to clean and dries until cleanness.


    is an art to paint above cloth and then gives colour causing becomes picturesquely. To make it is first of all cloth is given formerly pattern to apply chalk, then in canting follows pattern which have been made. To do coloration applies sponge and must be done by expert that colour doesn't go everywhere.


    is processing coloration of cloth with certain colour. To do so can pass hot process and or cool. Mean to process temperature that is dyeing done at water which have been given colour which in placing at hot basin with certain temperature. To process chilling, dyeing is done without warm-up.

    Tie dye

    is typically brightly colored, patterned textile or clothing which is made from ordinary cloth, usually cotton, through a resist dyeing process known as tie-dyeing. You can create your own colorful tie-dyed t-shirts or other articles of clothing. You can also make matching sheets, pillowcases, and curtains if you like.